Voice Services

Chances are you can’t operate your business effectively without reliable and dependable voice service. You need a partner who can present a wide range of voice services to meet your needs today while preparing you for tomorrow. Phone Masters offers a complete portfolio of voice services for businesses.

Local Telephone

Switchboard, Operator and Telephone Dial - Voice ServicesWhether you’re focused on heavy local calling or just need reliable, cost-effective local voice service, Phone Masters can help. We design, deploy, and manage comprehensive solutions tailored to customer needs. You get:

  • Access to a wide range of voice solutions from the nation’s largest voice providers
  • An integrated approach, including options offering a single bill, contract and commitment
  • A clear migration path, at your own pace, to advanced services like voice over IP

Primary Rate ISDN (PRI)

Move calls and information faster and with better quality over a high-performance digital connection. With ultra-fast call setup, moderately high port density and the best available call quality, ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) digital trunks have become a performance and compatibility standard the world over. Phone Masters offers ISDN PRI service from multiple competitively-priced providers.

Long Distance

Inbound and outbound long distance calling can be an integral part of your business. Phone Masters is uniquely positioned to provide the most competitive long distance pricing due to its close relationship with multiple national/international carriers.